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This module on St Mary Magdalen de’Pazzi is an edited translation of: Paola Moschetti. Il grido dell’Amore, Vita e spiritualità di santa Maria Maddalena de’Pazzi, Feeria: Città Ideale, 2006. The title might be translated as: The Cry of Love, The Life and Spirituality of St Mary Magdalen de’Pazzi. The accounts of the mystical experience of St Mary Magdalen de’Pazzi come from her own mouth. All that she said while in ecstasy and what she dictated to the sisters by way of explanation was written down. This gave rise to four sizeable volumes of original manuscripts. These are the works:

(I) I Quaranta Giorni;

(II) I Colloqui, 1 and 2;

(III) Revelatione e Intelligentie (or I otto giorni dello Spirito Santo);

(IV) La Probatione 1 and 2;

They were published in Italian in 1967 in seven volumes.  For an English translation, see Gabriel Pausback, O.Carm., The Complete Works of Saint Mary Magdalen de' Pazzi Carmelite and Mystic (1566-1607), 5 vols., Fatima, 1969-1973.   


All the essential reading for this module is given in the units, which provide an introduction to:

  • the life and times of St Mary Magdalen de’Pazzi

  • the chief characteristics of her spirituality

  • her understanding of the Eucharist and the Church

Module Tutor: Mícheál O’Neill OCarm


The course is divided into 8 units, with 4 questionnaires, spread over the period of the module, and a final examination at the end.


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