Programme: Adult Education Diploma in Carmelite Studies and Discovering Carmel Certificate.

Module: AED01 Who are the Carmelites?

Tutor: Thomas Curran OCD

Page: Module Introduction.


This module is an introduction to the origins and history of the Carmelite Order. It covers the following topics:

  • The Call of the Desert
  • The Second Kingdom of Jerusalem or the Kingdom of Acre and its Role in the Rule of Carmel
  • Hermits on Mount Carmel
  • The Hermits receive a Rule
  • The Spirit of the Rule


At the end of each unit a bibliography suggests titles for any further reading you wish to do on this module. An accessible introduction is:

McGreal, Wilfrid. At the Fountain of Elijah : The Carmelite Tradition. London, 1999.

You might also find the following very helpful:

  • McCaffrey, James. The Carmelite Charism: Exploring the Biblical Roots. Veritas: Dublin, 2004.
  • Griffin, Eltin, (ed.). Ascending the Mountain: The Carmelite Rule Today. Dublin, 2004.

Module Tutor: Thomas Curran OCD


The module is divided into 5 units of input and, at the end, you may complete a Questionnaire, write a Learning Journal, or write an Essay.

Once posted online, each unit will be available until the end of the module. The dates on which each of the units, and the other material for this module is available in the calendar in the Student Section.



Unit 1

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Learning Journal

Essay Titles

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    Once you have successfully accessed and studied the material in each module and received the Essay titles and the questionnaire, pleace complete either the Questionnaire, write a Learning Journal, or write an assignment based on one of the titles given, and return it to to the course administrator: [email protected]


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